Exciting Things Happening in Windsor City

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Windsor is among the most popular cities in Canada. This place is a ten-minute drive from Detroit. In this southernmost city, tourists can find many exciting things to do. Plus, this place has reliable security for all. That makes it a suitable attraction for tourists. Here are exciting things you can do in the city of Windsor.

Riverfront Parks

This is a group of parks alongside the river in Windsor. While you’re in Canada, you can go to this place and have fun. You’ll realize that the Riverfront separates Windsor from Detroit. People who visit this area can have a look at breathtaking art in modern buildings. They can also enjoy the cool breeze in the Riverfront parks.

The Guildhall

While you’re in Windsor, you can’t miss a tour to the Guildhall. This is a historical landmark and home to the Royal Borough Museum. People visit this place and also fulfil many ceremonies here. For instance, they can organize civil ceremonies or weddings in the Guildhall. The Prince of wales and Carmilla Parker-Bowles got married at the Guildhall.

The Casinos

If you are a casino enthusiast, Windsor can be your perfect destination. This place has four casinos that attract people from around the world. Besides, these casinos have something to offer to players. You can enjoy playing casino games in Windsor, as you enjoy the riverfront breeze.

Nightlife in Windsor

From night clubs and bridal shows to Canadian dishes, you can do a lot of things. People go partying at night in this city. Moreover, they hold wedding tours and other activities in Windsor. You cannot leave this city without tasting mouth-watering Canadian foods.


The city of Windsor is famous in Canada. Moreover, people enjoy living in this city. Thus, you can take your family to this place and give them a lifetime experience. They can go swimming, hiking, and playing casino games, among others.